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GTB1449V 28231-4A610 Turbo 28231-4A600 28231-4A610 823665-0009 Hyundai D4CB

GTB1449V 28231-4A610 Turbo 28231-4A600 28231-4A610 823665-0009 Hyundai D4CB

1) Model: Turbocharger GTB1449V,

2) Part No. : 823665-0009, 823665-5001S 823665-0001 282314A600 28231-4A600  28231-4A610

3) Engine Model: Hyundai Load H350I 2.5 D4CB

4) Application : GTB1449V Turbo 28231-4A600, 28231-4A610 823665-0009 for Hyundai D4CB.

5) Payment terms: T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western union                              

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Hyundai D4CB  GT1749V/BV43 53039880122 282004A470, 53039700122 28200-4A470 53039880144
Hyundai D6BR, D5BR  T04E, T04B59 28200-93C00, 708106-0001, 708106-5001S 708106-1 2820093C00
Hyundai Grand Starex TFO35/ GT1749S 49135-04350 28200-42800 49497-66101 4913504350, 2820042800
Hyundai Tucson CRDi Engine D4EA  GTB1649V 757886-5003S 2823127400, 28231-27400 757886-0003, 757886-3
Hyundai D4EA, D4ED, D4EF  GTB1649V 2823127460, 28231-27460 757886-5005S 757886-0005 
Duratorq TDCi Euro-5 gt1752s 710060-5001S 710060-0001, 710060-1 28200-4A001, 282004A001
 Hyundai D4AL Engine GT1749S 708337-0002 2823041730, 28230-41730 708337-5002S 2823041720, 28230-41720, 708337-0001,708337-1,708337-5001S
 Hyundai D4AL  GT2052S 28230-41710 702213-0001 702213-5001S 2823041710 
Hyundai 4D56T  GT1749S 700273-5002S 700273-0001,700273-0002, 700273-2 28200-4B160 282004B160, 282004B151, 28200-4B160, 28200-4B151, 1328579, 3C1Q6K682EA
Hyundai D4BC, GT1749S  732340-0001 732340-5001S 28200-4A350, 282004A361, 282004A350
Hyundai TUCSON ix35 GTB1752VK  28231-2F000, 282312F000  784114-0002  784114-5002S 
Kia Carnival/Sedona /VQ/Sorento 2.20 GTB1752VK 780502-0001 28231-2F100 282312F100 780502-5001S
 Hyundai D4BF  TF035HM-10T-4 4913504010,49135-04010 49135-040114 9135-04011 282004A160, 28200-4A160
Kia Santa Fe Engine CM GTB1649V 2823127860, 28231-27860  757886-5006S 757886-0005, 757886-0006, 757886-0007 
HYUNDAI H-1 Travel TQ Cargo 2.5 CRDi Engine BV49 28231-4A700 28231-4A701 53039700353 53039880226 
Hyundai 6D24TI TD08H 49188-03100  49188-03110 2820084011, 28200-84011 2820084101, 28200-84101
HYUNDAI KIA RHF5 28200-4X610 282004X610
 Hyundai - Kia TF035 28200-4X650 282004X650 49135-04361 4913504361 49135-04362
Hyundai iLoad H350I 2.5 D4CB GTB1449V  823665-0009, 823665-5001S 823665-0001 282314A600 28231-4A600  28231-4A610

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